Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Grand Tour

Our CT parking spot
For those of you who will not get to see our new home in's the tour!

This is the floorplan of the Keystone Outback 23RS. We took out both the twin and queen mattresses in the front to make room for our dresser drawers, office drawers, laundry basket, etc and it also opened up some nice carpeted space in the "foyer" area.
The mudroom, closet, dressers, office...

This view is from the kitchen. The front door is to the right of the shoerack.
Lily's changing table and dresser
If you walk in the front door, just to the right is the rest of the "foyer" which includes our changing table and more clothing storage.
And here's the bathroom. It is directly in front of you as you walk in the front door.

This is the view from the bed which shows the dinette edge, kitchen, and "foyer"

The couch and the dinette oppose each other. Here you can also see some of our festive decor (stockings, ceramic tree, and a string of lights of course).

The bed is a slideout which means when we're driving it is slid in over the couch and dinette. It also means that it's less insulated causing the condensation we've been battling.

One day this week, I went to the library with Nana while Chris and Lily took a sling walk to Rogers Lake. They collected these pretty things and Chris put them together into this beautiful camper-sized wall hanging! All the best to all of you and a very Merry Christmas!

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