Friday, July 1, 2011

Completing the Circle

We were back in New Jersey for Memorial Day weekend. Parked in Mom & John's driveway once more, we almost immediately began the hunt for a house without wheels.
Gardening with Babci
Not knowing where we'll be next is a little unsettling but it feels good knowing we'll be in one place for a while now. I look forward to unearthing all our non-camper stuff and cleaning out yet again! We're not sure if we'll keep the camper and truck but if we sell it there's always our tent for little excursions when the bug bites us.

With Dad by the River at Camp Carr

Our "new" backpack from Tanya

Eating Lessons
For now, we'll spend a week at Camp Carr by the river then come back to Voorhees Road before heading down to Ocean City, New Jersey for two weeks at the beach with family. We have two very exciting weddings coming up also. Our friend Jen who works with Chris and one of my bridesmaids, Kristin, has hired me for her own wedding in Rhode Island!
Grass Squeak Lessons

Napping on the Flipside in my G's

Flipping the page for Dad

Chris will return to his teaching position at Voorhees and Lily and I will develop a new routine without him during the days. I've tried, during this adventure, to imagine myself years later thinking back on this time. It helps me appreciate the simplicity, freedom, and gifts that this arrangement has afforded us. I can't possibly know where we're going but I know where we've been and it's been an awesome ride.
Lily and the House

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