Monday, November 15, 2010

Back to the Pappground

We waived goodbye to our YMCA hosts after one last dump station visit. The short drive back to John and Dolores' yard was bittersweet. We headed away from a beautiful campsite with herons, mallards, geese, and foliage but toward our loving family for an extended stay.

This time we parked closer to the house which had advantages including our being able to pick up their wireless signal! We had most of our systems figured out by this time (late October) but had to reconfigure to our new location.

We purchased potable drinking water hose to run from the house spigot, hooked our electric into the garage, and set up a system to drain the gray water slowly into the lawn. The black water was a challenge to figure out. Chris discovered a septic pipe under the porch that could be dumped into so he set up a routine of using buckets to haul the black water from the camper to the pipe. He and John made an aluminum funnel and he purchased an elbow for the drain pipe to direct the water into the bucket. Of course Chris is extremely mindful of showering after this job and wearing gloves during it.

Around November 3rd Chris took the camper for service in PA. We purchased a new hitch with weight-distributing bars and an electric jack, new tires, tons of odds and ends for little repairs and improvements, and learned a bit about condensation. This was an expensive step toward readying the rig for our cross-country travels.

We have just loved being so close to Chris' parents. Lily has not only a Babci (grandmother in Polish) and Nodyapa (grandpa in Hungarian) but also a Great Babci right here! We've shared meals, yardwork, cooking, cleaning, walks, and time with Babci Krol. What a blessing.

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