Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cooking in the Camper

We're cookin' with gas!
Lily & Me making grilled cheese for Dad
The camper has everything we need to make the same excellent meals we made in our regular kitchen. A generously sized refrigerator, separate freezer, microwave, 3-burner gas stovetop, gas oven (15"Wx13"H), a large and small sink, plenty of counter space, and even an outside 3-burner stovetop for those stinky projects (fish, bacon, etc).

I did not bring many of our kitchen contraptions for lack of room (crockpot, food processor, ice cream maker, cheese pot, etc) but we did decide to fit in our bread machine. So far we have been incredibly happy with our utensil and cookware decisions. We left out things that could be replaced with other items such as the garlic press....just use a knife, Pyrex measuring glass...use regular measuring cups. The great thing about having fewer things is that we end up using everything on a weekly basis and don't waste space storing things we don't use.

Some of our cooking projects included eggs, toast and scrapple for Uncle Mike & Christian, tacos for Lily's cousins Jake & Elizabeth, quiche for our friends Sam & Liz, pork tenderloin for Nick & Sharon, "Bounty Rice" and "Winter Veggie Stew" for Mom, John & Babci, and today I made split pea soup and.......pumpkin pie! for lunch with Mom, John, Babci and Lily's Uncle Cas.

It's been an adjustment getting used to less freezer space and making smaller meals for lack of room for leftovers. We've been just eating the small leftovers for lunch the next day or dinner the same day.

The two cookbooks we chose to bring with us (our only two actually) are the Better Homes & Gardens New Cookbook for typical recipes and Simply in Season for seasonal ingredients and different tastes. We love Simply in Season because it's organized by Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter so, for example, it's Fall now and there are a lot of we have "Sausage and Apples" or "Apple Rice". In Springtime we would have a lot of fresh greens and so more salads. A much more sustainable way to eat than our typical habits of just making whatever we want regardless of growing season.

We have just loved continuing to host friends and family in the camper during our time in NJ and are looking forward to doing the same in CT!


  1. Scrapple! I couldn't remember what it was called. We got our hog about a month ago but, alas, no scrapple. Maybe next time!

    Glad you guys are doing well. Have a wonderful Christmas and hug that little Lily for us.

  2. I'll add to the recipes list (note the change to Southwestern tastes we've acquired since being in AZ).

    various burritos
    fish tacos
    chile rellenos
    granola (breakfast cereal)
    cinnamon-raisin bread
    various salads
    corny cornbread
    millet & cranberry stuffed peppers
    hearty oatmeal pancakes
    cayenne yam fries
    sweet potato burritos
    fajitas w/ venison or pheasant
    spicy tomato tempeh
    southwestern corn chowder
    vegetable quesadillas
    maple acorn squash
    peanut butter oatmeal cookies
    veggie burrito bake
    corn quiche with tortilla crust
    dilly mashed potatoes
    etc etc etc!

    I have grown within the limits of a one-rack oven and 1 1/2 quart casserole dishes and now feel limit-less!