Monday, November 15, 2010

Pack it up, Pack it in.

We accepted an offer on the PA condo and bought a 2006 Keystone Outback 23RS camper and 2004 Ford Expedition and moved in on September 21st 2010...goodbye mortgage, hello adventure!

I was 38 weeks pregnant on move-out/in day and had spent weeks packing up the condo and deciding what we would want in the camper. This process was quite challenging as we have limited space for kitchen items and clothing which makes up the majority of the "things" we brought with us. This really got down to the nitty gritty.

For example, I had to decide how many of our Corelle dishes to bring (4 large, 4 small, 4 bowls). How many pairs of pants (2 jeans, 1 cords, 1 khakis, 1 sweats, 1 yoga) and shoes (1 sneaks, 1 clogs, 1 crocs, 1 Simple ballets, 1 flips, 1 muck boots). The list goes on and on; we went through the entire condo bit by bit boxing up things for storage and items for the camper. We also had a "give away" pile which was donated to a garage sale. Then we towed the camper to the condo and loaded up. Chris' mom and step-dad graciously stored the rest (including many large pieces of furniture) at their house.

And off we went, back to NJ to wait for baby Wy!

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