Monday, November 15, 2010

To the River!

We spent our first few days of camper living (Sept. 21-26) in Chris' mom and step-dad's yard. Learned about the A/C, hot water heater, lighting, gray water system, fridge and freezer, stove, microwave and oven. We sorted out some odds and ends into storage and rearranged cabinets for easier use.

Our plan was to move to a nearby YMCA campground so off we went on the 27th. Camp Carr is a simple campground with twenty five or so sites on the south branch of the Raritan River. We had scoped out the sites over the summer and so got our pick of spots. Unfortunately, two nights after we moved in, a huge rainstorm came through and caused us to pack up and head back to higher ground at the in-laws'. Other than this three night break, we enjoyed three beautiful weeks on the river.

We continued to learn about the systems of the camper. Our camp hosts were gracious enough to loan us a tote tank so Chris could empty the tanks every three days or so. We discovered that our furnace is propane and not electric (duh). We learned that the gray water tank is full when the water comes up into the bathtub. And we learned that we were not immune to New Jersey's wonderful "stink" bugs who enjoyed creeping unseen into our bed curtains.

Our most exciting event at Camp Carr was when Lily Alyce Wyglendowski decided it was time to join us around midnight on October 4th...

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